pc vs laptop

Decision on what kind of computer to purchase, PC or laptop, is not easy for many people. Considering that both of those options has some pros and cons, we need to think it through carefully. Of course, a lot depends on what do we need a computer for: work or […]

microsoft office 365

Probably everyone who uses a computer heard about Microsoft Office, which is a suite of desktop applications, services and servers. It is a product of Microsoft Corporation, which was released in 1990, and since that time it has been constantly developed. Primarily, Microsoft created this product to automate the office […]


Many people still have PCs, but most of them do not really know what such computers contain inside. When we open the computer case, all those small elements may seem really complicated, but as a matter of fact they are not. You just need to learn some basic terminology to […]

windows 10

Many people has waited impatiently for the new version of Microsoft’s OS. After Windows 8, which wasn’t really a success, users from all over the world were hopeful that this time Microsoft will learn from their mistakes and create a better system. In some way they definitely managed to fulfill […]