Microsoft Office noobies guide

Probably everyone who uses a computer heard about Microsoft Office, which is a suite of desktop applications, services and servers. It is a product of Microsoft Corporation, which was released in 1990, and since that time it has been constantly developed. Primarily, Microsoft created this product to automate the office work, thanks to several applications, each of which serves different purpose.

The most popular version of Microsoft Office is its desktop version for PCs with Windows or macOS operating systems. Recently, we may also use the Office Mobile version for mobile devices.

Microsoft Office components

The most important components of Microsoft Office are:

Microsoft Word it is used for creating text documents
Microsoft Excel used for creating data or numerical spreadsheets
Microsoft PowerPoint application which is used for creating multimedia presentations
Microsoft Access application for database management
Microsoft Publisher application which allows to create and publish various kinds of marketing materials
Microsoft OneNote application for taking and organizing notes
Microsoft Outlook application used as the personal information manager

Of course, there are some more applications which are the components of Microsoft Office, but these mentioned above, are definitely the most popular ones among users.

How much does Microsoft Office cost?

The Office 365 Home version, with Office applications up to 5 users, costs $99.99 per year, while Office 365 Personal for 1 user is for $69.99 per year. However, if you don’t want to subscribe and prefer to make a one-time purchase of Office 2016, it will cost you $149 for the Office Home and Student version, $229 for the Office Home and Business and $399 for the Office Professional.

microsoft office pricing

How to install Microsoft Office?

If you are purchasing Microsoft Office for the first time, you need to set up your own Microsoft account. There you will also find step-by-step instructions on how to install your Microsoft Office. You just have to follow them to successfully install the applications and make use of them.


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