PC skeleton – what PC contains inside?

Many people still have PCs, but most of them do not really know what such computers contain inside. When we open the computer case, all those small elements may seem really complicated, but as a matter of fact they are not. You just need to learn some basic terminology to understand how it works. Here is some information about what we can find inside our PC.


This part of the PC is the foundation of it, as it connects, one way or another, to every part of our computer. This plate holds such components of the computer as memory, hard drive and optical drive connectors, expansion cards and connections to computer’s ports.

pc motherboard

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU, popularly called simply a processor, is a small ceramic square that has a silicon chip inside. It is located in the special CPU socket on the motherboard. To prevent it from overheating CPU socket is usually equipped with a small fan or a heat sink. The processor is a brain of the PC, as it carries out all the commands, whether we press some key or start an application.


RAM and Hard Drive

RAM is a short-term storage of our computer where it temporarily store the data. It all disappears when we turn off our computer, and that is why we need to save any kind of documents or other files if we don’t want to lose them. Then, they are stored on the hard drive, which is a long-term storage. It contains all the saved information and we may access, delete or alter it whenever we want.

ram and hdd

Power supply

This part of our PC supplies power to every single element of it. What is very important, it converts the power that the computer gets from the wall outlet to the current that is needed by the PC. It is also equipped with a small fan, which prevents it from overheating.

power supply

Peripheral cards

There are different types of peripheral cards, and they include video and sound cards, modems or wireless network cards. All of them are connected to the motherboard thanks to the compatible slots that are located on it.

pc peripherals

Of course, there are many more components of the PC, but these are by far the most important ones.


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