PC vs Laptop – which one is better?

Decision on what kind of computer to purchase, PC or laptop, is not easy for many people. Considering that both of those options has some pros and cons, we need to think it through carefully. Of course, a lot depends on what do we need a computer for: work or just gaming. Whatever it is, here are some of the most important matters to consider before making a final decision.

PC vs Laptop Cost

There are many component options that we can choose from in case of the PCs, but if we want to save some money, we can buy a good computer even for $400. And it is a price for both computer and monitor, which are quite powerful.

When it comes to laptops the number of component options is limited, and if we want our computer to be more powerful, we simply need to pay more. The prices for a good laptop may start at $1500.

computer cost

PC vs Laptop Processor

As you can imagine desktop processors are larger and thanks to it they are usually more powerful than those in laptops. However, good quality laptops, especially those used for gaming, usually have the same performance. The only flaw in this case is the price, which is usually much higher.

PC vs Laptop Portability

Of course, PCs are designed to be used in one location, even though they can be taken from one place to another. However, if you work in different places and need to constantly move around with your computer, laptop is definitely a better choice.

pc portability

PC vs Laptop Upgrading

Almost every element of PC is removable, which makes it quite easy to upgrade any component we want. In laptops, you may only replace memory and hard drive, as all other components are either built-in or the computer cannot work with upgraded versions of them.

pc upgrading

PC vs Laptop Gaming

In PCs we may use any video cards, including those which requires high power and a very good heat reduction. As the space and power are limited in laptops, some video cards may not run properly, making gaming less enjoyable.

PC vs Laptop conclusions

PCs seems to be a good choice for people who need an efficient computer, which can be easily upgraded, for example for gaming or using CAD applications. Laptops on the other hand are the necessity for those who use their computers in different places or simply prefer to use smaller device of that kind on daily basis.


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