Windows 10 overview

Many people has waited impatiently for the new version of Microsoft’s OS. After Windows 8, which wasn’t really a success, users from all over the world were hopeful that this time Microsoft will learn from their mistakes and create a better system. In some way they definitely managed to fulfill their promise as they combined many good features of Windows 7 and 8, so the system become more user friendly. Here are some of the those changes.

Windows menu start

First of all, something that almost everyone was waiting for! The Start screen tiles from Windows 8 are gone, and the Start Menu has been brought back to life. It makes it much easier to use, even though the new Start Menu differ a little bit from the one we were used to.

Windows 10 start menu

Windows 10 advantages

Another thing, which suppose to be the advantage of the new Windows OS, are the Live Tiles. Thanks to them, we may use the space on our desktop in a much better way. Of course, it depends on our own creativity and the applications that we use, but tiles seem to be better solution than the static icons.

Windows native browser

The Edge web browser seem to be another feature that many users like. It can be even more efficient that Google Chrome, it is user-friendly, and it is universal, so it can be used on any mobile devices. Tab management is also quite good, with such features as the one which allows you to set aside a group of recently opened tabs, so to start a new session. Tab thumbnails are also a useful solution, as you can see the content of the tabs before selecting them.

microsoft edge

Microsoft Cortana

Cortana, an intelligent personal assistant created by Microsoft, is a very interesting and in many cases useful tool, which features were improved. However, it is only available for user in certain regions of the world.

Windows 10 disadvantages

The change that users seem to like a bit less is the fact that the new functions and updates in Windows 10 are installed automatically, whether you like it or not. In Pro version of the OS you get more time for that, but eventually, your Windows 10 will be updated. It is similar to switching off the Windows Defender you can do it, but after you start the OS several times if activates again.


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